Guitar Pedals Chain Diagram

* TWA Triskellion Harmonic Energizer: this filter pedal took me alot of fiddling with to truly use effectively, but now it's an indispensable part of my board, I can't imagine my sound without it. I tried it in every possible spot in the signal chain, but found it liked being after the fuzz and was fine after the BOR but didn't like being buffered by the OCD, so there it sits between them. This thing is badass and can do quite a bit. You can add subtle harmonics to your distortion, add compression, add depth to your tone, fine tune your fuzz or distortion to exactly what you want, add octave type texture, etc Everyone should try to find one of these to test out, I'm a huge fan and use it constantly.

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* Zvex Box of Rock: I like different distortions for different songs, this circuit indeed rocks, plus has a clean boost. I usually run it at high gain and use the guitar volume to clean it up. Great pedal, use it all the time.

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Posted on: September 30th 2012
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  • me_cie
    September 30th 2012
    8 years and your asking for advice from random youtubers? eehh gota sting a little

  • suslon
    September 30th 2012
    Get a flippin overdrive and ride the lightning

  • alexaSanta
    September 30th 2012
    Wah wah pedal, makes great porn music but also fucks up the sound ;)

  • sarShot
    September 30th 2012
    Go buy cant even understand its because of the microphone...

  • CumMofo
    September 30th 2012
    It kinda remind me of prince (no offense)

  • Holymentra
    September 30th 2012
    Youve been playing for 8 years and youre still using a practise amp? not to mention youre asking youtubers for advice *facepalm*

  • DragGuy
    September 30th 2012
    Dafuq?! porn music?!!

  • purHugger
    September 30th 2012
    That wah wah pedal sound like shit.

  • LushDruid
    September 30th 2012
    Said so casually, because he knew you were thinking it too: almost like porn music

  • Poopstess
    September 30th 2012
    I was searching for that delay he mutes the string a short time after he picked it for months .. now i feel i must buy an effect pedal^^

  • saslec
    September 30th 2012
    Porn music /watch?v=qd4m7cubbvi

  • PillExquiste
    September 30th 2012
    That green guitar has to be the ugliest thing ever

  • ccIdiot
    October 13th 2012
    Belive me... a noise gate is a must have for high gain amp... i own a peavey 6505+ high gain amp. and its a hell lot of noise... dude... i use two noise gates.. so youll need them.