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TryAPedal is a great idea, and I highly recommend it. Here's hoping the site is a success, and can continue to expand the amount of pedals and services they offer. Check it out at

For the DAC, had some experience with the 16-bit PT8211, but finding a good 16-bit ADC in a convenient package was a bit of a challenge. He eventually settled on the 12-bit MCP3201 ADC, more than enough for a pedal that is supposed to sound lo-fi.

Every amp brand is different, when it comes to tube amps, it takes time to find one you really enjoy. I've had so many amps it feels good to find something that has been a real cut above the rest.

Building guitar pedals has come a long way from hooking up a few transistors and building a simple boost circuit. has been working on a Anti-nautilus auto glitch, auto repeat pedal, and if you're looking for something that sounds like a spaghetti western soundtrack skipping on a record player, we couldn't think of anything better.

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Posted on: September 10th 2012
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    September 12th 2012
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  • Germco
    September 12th 2012
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    September 12th 2012
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  • Frogzomo
    September 12th 2012
    I was searching for that delay he mutes the string a short time after he picked it for months .. now i feel i must buy an effect pedal^^

  • Googlelen
    September 12th 2012
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  • BroadbandAngel
    September 12th 2012
    That green guitar has to be the ugliest thing ever

  • SweetPerformance
    September 12th 2012
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    September 12th 2012
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  • OilPooper
    September 12th 2012
    How can you base how good he is off this video lol....