Guitar Strings In Order From Top To Bottom

Guitar Basically your goal is to strum the string, let it vibrate and adjust the tuning peg until the needle points directly up at the green light in the center AND that light stays green for a couple of seconds without the red lights coming on. Once you achieve that, your E string is in perfect tune and you're ready to move on to the next string. It doesn't have to be exactly perfect though. As close as you can possibly get is good enough.

And why wouldn't you? The guitar is versatile used in a variety of styles, from classical to rock'n'roll. It's portable carry it around with you to a picnic or to work with no hassles! And let's face it, the guitar is fun.

Turn on the tuner and strum only your E string (thickest string) without touching the frets at all. Just hit the string and let it vibrate all by itself. Wait a second or two after you hit the string with your pick/finger. In the upper right corner of the Korg tuner, you should see the letter E . If you see any other letter, turn the tuning peg of that string one way or the other until you see the letter E .

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Posted on: June 3rd 2011